Dodge Viper 2013

Dodge Viper 2013

Latest version of Dodge Viper 2013 has started producing and we can expect to see it soon. There are still many rumors about this vehicle so will have to wait little longer, probably April and New York Auto Show, to see all.

At Detroit we could see Ralph Gilles talking about new Dodge Viper 2013 model, he said that with the new looks they will try to attract younger buyers and make this car easier to drive. Also there were some rumors about Ferrari engines powering new Viper but he denied it but did not state what engine will be in it.

When it comes to look there are rumors about Dodge Viper 2013 that will look something between previous version of Viper and 8C, not much latter Dodge denied this. We only know that head of Chrysler design announced that there will be no part of the vehicle left untouched with new design.

We mentioned engine before but we need to say little more on that subject. As we said there were rumors about Ferrari’s engine in Dodge Viper 2013 but they denied it so other rumors say that it might be 6.4 liter V8 Hemi or 8.4 liter V10 that will deliver about 700 hp, V8 with power of 500 hp or the biggest ever engine from Chrysler and 8.7 liter V10. Whatever comes out it will be a beast.

Dodge Viper 2013 front

Most fierce competition to Dodge Viper 2013 will be 8C, Lotus Esprit and Acura NSX. For NSX there are only rumors that it will have V6 turbocharged engine which will produce about 400 hp that is significantly lower than Viper but will offer less weight. Esprit will come with 5.0 liter V10 that delivers 620 hp and 720 NM.

There is no official price announcements but we can expect it to be high. Officially it will be presented in 2012 when the production will start but it will be available in 2013.

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