Ford Mondeo 2013

Ford Mondeo 2013

We were able to see Ford Mondeo Wagon spy shots back in 2011 and now spy photographers were in action again but this time delivering photos of Ford Mondeo 2013 model in a sedan version.

Usually test models are delivered with allot of camouflage and it is sometimes hard to see what we are getting but this time it is a different story. On the photos we can clearly see what will the new car look like since there is no camouflage on it, really nice.

Since it is completely uncovered we are sure that this is pretty much the final version and production ready car, also there are good chances that Ford Mondeo 2013 model will debut at Paris Auto Show this year in September.

We can notice that European version of this car will be similar to Ford Fusion that is made for US market, there are only small changes to headlights and bumpers. It is obvious from where this design is coming from. Latest design language previewed by the Evos Concept launched at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show is obvious source.

Until September and Paris Auto Show we can only guess what engines will be delivered in Ford Mondeo 2013, but we can expect to see some standard units from Ford that brings four and six cylinder engines. Another good news is that there is a good chance we will be able to see hybrid version of this car soon after the standard version is launched.

Ford Mondeo 2013 Back

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