New Ford Mondeo

New Ford Mondeo

New Ford Mondeo is another debutant at Detroit Motor Show 2012 and US market will get it this year but the Europe will have to wait another year until 2013 when it should come to EU.

We are glad to say that this is not just an update and that Ford did not just changed few things. We have all new, great looking car that offers front end that reminds us on Aston Martin. To be honest, it looks great and no one will say that similarities with Aston Martin are bad and ugly. New Ford Mondeo offers high level of luxury and elegance so we recon it will be very successful just like the previous version.

it’s an all-new car, with techy innovations that include a new multi-link rear suspension. There’s also electric steering, which (if you switch the options on) can nudge you in the right direction if you drift out of lane, or will steer into a parking space for those who can’t be bothered, or just plain can’t.

New Ford Mondeo side 498x300

There will be no major changes when it comes to engines lineup, we can expect to see units from current Mondeo like diesels and 1.6 and 2.0 liter Ecoboost turbo petrol engines. It is planed that New Ford Mondeo also comes as a hybrid and a plug in hybrid.

When it comes to interior in New Ford Mondeo you will get big screen instead of dials and will offer large navigation that you can control with voice, only problem here is that it sometimes will not recognize voice and that might be a problem.

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