Hyundai Genesis 2014

Hyundai Genesis 2014

When Hyundai brought Genesis to the market in 2008 they had a hard competition fight with Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-Series. They had a decent amount of success but than competition brought facelifted versions and reclaim domination.
We could see facelifted version of Hyundai’s sedan and after which they decided to make second generation of this car. Genesis 2014 will be presented in late 2013 and will be available on the market soon after that.

We are used to Hyundai fast changes and they are known to have shortest product cycle, this way they bring fresh and new models to compete with top car makers like Mercedes and BMW.

As far as the new generation Genesis goes, Hyundai hasn’t offered any details on what changes the company will apply, but expect a new design language. It won’t be completely new, but will feature major changes on the front grill – expect a grille similar to the one found in the new Genesis Coupe, new headlamps, a new bonnet, and new bumpers. The interior will also receive a series of new technologies.

Hyundai Genesis 2014 Back

Genesis 2014 will be equipped with same engine lineup as before but it is expected to receive some updates making them more powerful and more efficient. We will have to wait to get more info about it.

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